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Sunday, August 31, 2014

this week

This week included: hospital checks, baby preparation, visits to friends, walks by the sea, pretending that it's autumn already, and wondering how much longer I'll be able to see my feet. We got to take home an ultrasound picture of our baby's face (and chubby cheeks!) which manages to be both cute and creepy.  (Or am I the only one that sort of thinks ultrasound pictures are a little creepy?)  We did some deep cleaning of our flat, in preparation for baby and our eventual move.  I'm trying to enjoy the last of the summertime but since autumn means baby, I'm really ready for it to just be autumn already.

Next week is bringing major changes.  Sam and I have been trying to work out the details of the next few years of our life, now that he is essentially done with his course, and we finally decided that the best plan was for us to move back to the US sooner rather than later.  So now we are selling our things and finding out that moving at the end of a pregnancy is pretty awful, although perhaps not so difficult as with a brand-new baby.  In any case, I am really sad to be leaving England, and I'll miss the sea and the rain and the pier and all the small things, like pound coins and cream teas and the way the land stays green all year round.  I am trying to find all the positives about our new location, but I think it is OK to be sad about leaving somewhere, too.  I will miss our friends in particular, the ones who won't get to meet our baby right away, and who will miss the very glamorous last month or so of my pregnancy.  Having done plenty of moves in my life, I will say that it is so much easier moving with my husband, rather than alone.  It is nice to have him with me, to reminisce about our shared experiences and the places we've left behind and where we're heading, and it makes it a bit easier not to feel alone.  


  1. Lots of change coming your way soon! I hope you sail through the rest of your pregnancy and that the move goes well. Thanks for linking to #TWTWC x

  2. Oh no I agree, baby scans are a bit creepy. I don't really get why people make them their profile pictures either! I definitely didn't feel the need to change mine when I had a scan anyway!

    Good luck with the move, it must be daunting doing it so pregnant but as you say, definitely better than with a wee one! We moved 15 miles away with a 6 week old and that was bad enough!

    Thanks too for the Jojo Moyes book recc, I have downloaded it! :)